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Summer Hours:
March thru October
10 am to 6 pm.

Winter Hours:
November thru February
9 am to 5 pm.

(subject to change)

Grass Fed Beef:

We raise our beef on grass pastures, fresh mountain stream water, and fresh air. You get:
  • Better Health
  • No pesticides or pharmaceuticals
  • A Better Environment - no stock yards
  • Respect for Life - Humane Practices
  • The Best Beef you have ever tasted
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Raw Cow Milk: (for pets)

We have whole, unpasteurized, raw cow milk for pets available at our farm store. In Georgia raw milk cannot be sold for human consumption.

Health News About Grass Fed:

Grass fed beef has many health benefits. One of which is a source of CLA - not found in corn fed beef. See
for more information.

Free Range Pork:
  • Hormone, antibiotic, & steroid free
  • Raised humanely
  • Free Range
  • No water injected

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